calculated risk-taking; mixing patterns

So when I received this skirt, my plan was to wear with it with a cream top – that makes sense right? But lately, I’ve been thinking about calculated risk-taking


As my bff put it, this skirt is reminiscent of a bad 1960’s curtain. Perhaps thats why I liked it?

So if you’re new to my blog, you might think this is how I often dress. It is and it isn’t, but we’ll talk personal style limits another day. If you’re trying to step outside the box a little, the inherent risk involved in pattern mixing probably outweighs the benefit. But if you’re like me, you enjoy being a bit daring from time to time so mixing patterns can be a great way to showcase your confidence.

For the powerhouse in you, this skirt is the perfect choice: the bright hues border on primary, while the pattern is feminine and flirty. I chose to wear it with this fab lightweight scuba top, my newest handbag, blingy aviators [similar], and silver oxfords [similar here OR non oxford flats here].


Skirt – 20 [no stretch]

Top – XL [stretchy]

Taking calculated risks in fashion is all about taking the right kind of risks; mixing patterns is always a risk. The key is to chose complimentary patterns and colors so that the finished product is cohesive. This skirt wouldn’t pair well with houndstooth or even polka dot because both of those prints are very structured and they deviate too much from the skirt. It works here because the print on the skirt is very conrete, while the print on the top is very abstract. Too formal a print on the top [that isn’t the same print as what’s on bottom] would compete with the print on the bottom.

But, I mean, if you’re going to take a risk, then TAKE A RISK.



More about the new bag here:

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