Spring Into Style

Can we talk about how much fun I had on Saturday with my blogger boo? It was a really full day – including a trip to Forever 21, and shooting a couple of new looks. We finished the evening by sitting beneath the palms and watching some of the most interesting local styles this season at Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring Into Fashion trend show.


Igigi dressed me for the event, and I cannot wait to show you the beautiful dress I wore!  Stay tuned because it will be part of Igigi week on the blog all next week!



From left: Jenesis Laforcarde, Audree Lopez, Vanessa Gonzalez, Nuvia Magdahi, Jacki Marin,  and Tim Boado

Here are some of my favorite images from the show.

Neutrals [Styled by Vanessa Gonzalez]


Denim [Styled by Nuvia Magdahi]


Boho [Styled by Jenesis Laforcarde]


Intermission [belly dancing]


Floral [Styled by Audree Lopez]


Bold [Styled by Jackie Marin]


Distinct Prints [Styled by Tim Boado]


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