Corporate to Couture: Properly Primary

Have you ever stared blankly at new accessory and felt like you had nothing to wear it with? Now I’m pretty sure most people would have worn this scarf with a black dress and called it a day, but I couldn’t debut it until I had just the right pairing.


When IGIGI sent me this gorgeous dress, I knew it was the one. Yes, the dress has a pattern and yes – so does the scarf and no the patterns don’t “match” – but that is exactly why they look fab. Now I wouldn’t pair too many patterns together daily but I think its a really fun way to showcase your creativity and if done correctly, it can be worn to the office.

I chose this outfit for my second installment of #corporatetocouture to demonstrate the power you can wield with a dress that fits properly. As part of #igigiweek on my blog, I’ve worn a rose covered wrap dress and a beautiful maxi dress. All three dresses have fit me incredibly well and I’m so excited to have found such a wonderful brand to share with you. Stay tuned to see my video all about sizing, fit and fabric.

If quality fabrics and superior construction makes you tick, there is one brand you must try in 2015 – and thats the designer brand IGIGI. Don’t forget to send me a photo in your first piece from IGIGI!




Clutch [similar]| Black Handbag | dress | Scarf [similar] | Shoes [similar]

Couture: I pulled off the scarf and tucked it into my clutch to pull this outfit from day to drinks. This look works well because the colors are the same – so your makeup really doesn’t need to change. Brighten up that lipstick and you’ll be ready for a fab bit of Sushi with your favorite gal pals.

* Dress c/o IGIGI. All opinions stated are expressly my own and are no reflection of the companies mentioned.

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